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Learn 4 Critical Steps to Create/Change Your Company Culture

26 Feb 2018 6:01 PM | Anonymous

Leadership is in control of the culture. Everything about the culture of a business starts from the top. Don’t let the leader, the CEO, the board, whoever it may be, make the excuse that other facets of the business are affecting the culture – Because in the end, the C-Suite and/or business owner is in charge of it all.

First let’s define Company Culture (CC) and the major components that creates culture.

Culture is the collective values, norms and beliefs of your organization – also known as “how things are done around here” and “what people do when nobody’s watching.” “How employees and upper management interact.”  CC develops organically over time.

Values:  Standards, morals, ethics, ideals, principles, beliefs, costs

Principles: Values, philosophies, ideologies, moralities, ethics, attitudes, norms, rules, law

Beliefs: Opinion, principles, philosophies, attitudes, values, way of life,  and convictions

Philosophy: Attitude, viewpoint, way of life, values, beliefs

Traditions: Behaviors, habits, way of life, customs, practices, institutions

Cultivation:      Education, culture, civilization, development, nurturing, promotion, fostering and encouragement.

4 Steps to Create and/or Change your Company Culture

1. Is your Vision and Mission statement up to date and conveying the message you want your team members and customers to hear?  

If, NO – Define your vision and mission statement that you want your team members to own and live by.  Communicate it, make it your motto.

2.  Define your Ideal Culture.  Use your vision and mission statement as y our compass.  

There is no one cultural cookie cutter version to fit all businesses. 

 3.  Once you have defined your ideal company culture it is time to implement the changes.

Create processes that will endure over time and build a solid foundation.

Start with the C-Suite Executives, communicate and share the importance of the role they play in creating a healthy culture.

Communicate to each level of management.  Training, transparency and communication are the 3 major keys.  Emphasis the purpose.

4.  Communicate your mission to your entire team, lead your teams by example, be consistent and slowly your big ship will turn to be sailing in smoother waters.  Emphasis the purpose.  Hold town halls, have contests – make it fun.  Create excitement! 

Develop It, Push It, Live It

Lastly – If you have leaders or team members that are not willing to get on board, let them know the ship is sailing without them.  Guide them, educate them and if they still refuse to accept the culture and company values you need to let them go. 

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