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Do You Have A Company Culture Creature Amongst You

8 Jan 2018 12:42 PM | Anonymous

Company culture is often unwritten and beyond the pages of a handbook.  Although unwritten, it is alive and active in both large and small companies.  If it is not monitored and nurtured, it will take on a life of its own.  

Just as national cultures can shape or effect your company culture so does your management strategy.  An institution that leaves their company culture to manifest on its own, has unhealthy practices and beliefs will take the form of a Culture Creature.  A Culture Creature not only acts like a virus within your business walls but spreads out into the community. 

Signs that a Culture Creature resides within your company:

  • ·        Unable to attract and retain star talent leaving you with deficient talent
  • ·        Poor customer service
  • ·        Mediocre or even inferior quality products
  • ·        Modest earnings
  • ·        High Turnover
  • ·        Low Moral
  • ·        Stagnation
  • ·        Negative attitudes
  • ·        Motivational deficiency

With the unemployment rate dropping it will be disastrous for a company with a Culture Creature living with your employees. Once the Culture Creature takes hold it takes time to turn that big monster around.  However the good news is that you are not alone.  We are here to assist you in slaying the Culture Creature with proven tactics and intentional purpose. 

You have a choice to allow your company culture to grow organically or intentionally.    It is your option!

It is time to turn the culture creature into an intentionally healthy living presence.  Our next issue will offer you resolutions to create a purposeful company culture.

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